Korean Translation Services

4M Legal Translation Dubai specialists offer translation and interpretation services from Korean into Russian and from Russian into Korean. A professional team of Korean translators will do the job of localizing documents efficiently and on time. There are no language barriers for our Korean translators. We can guarantee high quality Korean / Korean translation in technical, medical, legal and financial fields.

Korean translator

Written translation from Korean in our 4M is performed only by a qualified translator. Depending on the subject matter, translation from Korean is performed by a specialist with experience and skills appropriate to the subject of the document.

After translation from Korean, the finished document is proofread by an editor for errors. Large and urgent Korean translation orders are handled by a team of translators. At the client’s request, written translation into Korean can be done by a native speaker.

Technical translation from Korean

The complexity of technical translation from Korean lies in the presence of special terms and phrases, as well as the presence of lexical constructions and abbreviations. High-quality and professional technical translation from / into Korean, should take into account all the features of the original.

Technical texts are written in a specific style, saturated with narrow-profile terminology, abbreviations, characterized by the absence of emotional coloring, the presence of a clear structure and consistency of presentation.

The specificity of technical translation from Korean invariably raises discussions about who exactly should translate such a text: a linguist or a specialist in a specific technical field.

When working with technical documentation, the complexity is invariably caused by the numerous terms and abbreviations that have not yet passed the appropriate codification and have not been recorded even by the most authoritative dictionaries.

Technical translator from Korean

In addition to an excellent command of the language, a technical translator from Korean, no doubt, must know the terminology set of the relevant industry, know the technique, be able to use translation software, reference resources, and be able to find information on the topic of translation on the Internet.

Korean is an isolated language. There are various hypotheses of its origin for the Korean language – Dravidian, Japanese, Paleo-Asian, Indo-European, Altai, and some scientists attribute the Korean language to the Tungus-Manchu group of languages.

Korean is spoken in both states of the Korean Peninsula – the DPRK and the Republic of Korea. The Korean language is also widespread in China, Japan and the countries of Central Asia. The total number of Korean speakers is about 78 million.