Bulgarian Translation

4M Legal Translations provides professional translation services to assist corporate clients with a wide variety of Bulgarian translations. Bulgarian is the official language of Bulgaria and it is spoken by around 13 million people. Our translators are carefully selected depending on their expertise and experience. They only translate into their mother tongue. We provide Bulgarian translations to government bodies, corporations, public sector organizations and a broad range of institutions.

Bulgarian Translation Services

Our Bulgarian translation services include:

1. Bulgarian Marketing Translation

To target a particular market, you have to speak its language and possess an in-depth understanding of its culture and customs. A marketing translation should be able to convey the intended message to the target audience. Our translation agency provides top quality marketing translations from and to Belarusian ensuring that your corporate message is tailored to your Bulgarian speaking audience.

2. Bulgarian Website Translation

Translating your website to Bulgarian you will expand your business horizons and increase your presence in the Eastern European market. 4M Legal Translations provides top quality website translation from and to Bulgarian ensuring that your corporate message is tailored to your Bulgarian speaking audience.

3. Bulgarian Legal Translation

Our Bulgarian legal translation service covers a wide range of sub-areas such as commercial law, corporate insurance, criminal law, certified translations, etc. The complexity of legal documents translation requires a high level of expertise. Codes and laws are written in a way that suits a specific language and country. 4M Legal Translations Bulgarian legal translators keep themselves abreast of legal issues to deliver highly accurate translations.

We also provide:

• Business Translation Services

• Financial Translation Services

• Medical Translation Services

• Technical Translation Services

• Document Translation Services

• Interpreting Services

Bulgarian Language Translations

4M Legal Translations deals with various Bulgarian language combinations but here are some of the most popular ones:

Bulgarian to English Translation

Our 4M Legal Translation is well positioned to assist corporate clients in delivering high quality Bulgarian to English professional translations. The translators who perform Bulgarian to English translations are native English speakers, certified and experienced Bulgarian translators. Our project manager will assign you the most suitable translators depending on the specific area and target audience.

English to Bulgarian Translations

Bulgarian translation services are provided by professional linguists certified by language institutions as professional translators in their specific language and field of expertise. We have specialist translators for specific areas such as finance, marketing and tourism. If you are looking for fast, accurate and fairly priced English to Bulgarian translations, 4M Legal Translation can provide you.

Bulgarian to Russian Translations

Bulgarian and Russian are Slavic languages that use the same alphabet, Cyrillic. There are a lot of words in Bulgarian that also exist in Russian. Nevertheless there are a lot of differences between both languages, particularly in grammar and pronunciation. 4M Legal Translations caters to all your Bulgarian to Russian translation needs.

Russian to Bulgarian Translations

Our Russian – Bulgarian translators are native Bulgarian speakers that have been certified by languages institutions as professional translators. They are experienced linguists who will deliver flawless Russian to Bulgarian translations by taking into consideration factors related to culture, style and terminology.