Czech Translation Services

We are glad to present you the service “translation from Czech”. Our specialists will translate any documents from Czech, of any complexity and volume, medical, legal, financial, technical and literary topics. We will translate all documents from Czech into Russian, such as: charter, constituent documents, business plan, contracts and tender documents.

Technical translation from Czech

Close industrial ties between Russia and the Czech Republic make technical translation from Czech very important. Czech translators will be able to translate scientific and technical documents and instructions using specific technical terminology. The staff of our 4M Legal Translation Dubai will translate any technical instructions, specifications, patents, catalogs, drawings and projects.

Medical translation from Czech

The largest medical resort Karlovy Vary is located in the Czech Republic, where many people come every year, so medical translations from Czech / into Czech are in great demand. We are pleased to offer translation services for medical texts and documents from Czech into Russian. Medical translation from Czech requires not only excellent theoretical knowledge and practical translation skills in the language field, but also knowledge in the field of medicine. Our specialists will carry out medical translation of cards, extracts from medical history, and other important medical documents.

Czech is the official language in the Czech Republic and belongs to the Slavic group of languages. The vocabulary of the Czech language is characterized by an almost complete absence of borrowed words. The number of Czech speakers is about 10 million.