German Translation Services

Our translators from German will translate scientific and technical texts, reports or articles, of any complexity, using special technical terminology. The specialists of the 4M Legal Translation Dubai will translate the pages of the website both from Russian into German and from German into Russian. If your company plans to do business in Germany, then you just need to create copies of the website pages in the local language of your users.

Medical translation from German

The scope of medical translation from German is quite extensive. This includes treatment in Germany and the translation of instructions from German to medicines. Medical translation from German does not tolerate haste and mistakes. A former doctor who also speaks the language and has the appropriate education of a translator can work as a translator of medical documents from German. With the help of medical translation, it becomes possible to communicate at an appropriate level between specialists in the medical industry from different countries.

Technical translation from German

The specificity of technical translation from German invariably raises discussions about who exactly should translate such a text: a linguist or a specialist in a specific technical field.

When working with technical documentation, the complexity is invariably caused by the numerous terms and abbreviations that have not yet passed the appropriate codification and have not been recorded even by the most authoritative dictionaries.

Technical texts are written in a specific style, saturated with narrow-profile terminology, abbreviations, characterized by the absence of emotional coloring, the presence of a clear structure and consistency of presentation.

Urgent translation from German

Urgent translation from German at the 4M Legal Translation Dubai, performed by a team of translators within a limited time. An urgent translation from German must be proofread by the editor and brought back to its original form by the layout designer.

The cost of urgent translation from German is calculated based on the volume of the text, terms and subject of translation. You can clarify this information in our 4M Legal Translation Dubai by phone: