Polish Translation Services

We will professionally perform translation from Polish / into Polish, on any subject from among the demanded ones. Urgent translation from Polish is performed by a team of translators in a limited time. The cost of an urgent translation from Polish is calculated based on the volume of translation, deadlines, language and subject of translation.

Technical translation from Polish

Poland has always been and still remains one of the important economic partners of Russia and one of the most popular tourist destinations. And since official and business correspondence is conducted in Polish, translation from Polish into Russian is a highly demanded service.

If you need translation of scientific and technical documentation , as well as translation of scientific articles and reports from Polish, we are ready to do it. Our technical translators specialize in the translation of texts on the subject of construction, production equipment, Internet technologies, household appliances, etc.

The complexity of technical translation from Polish lies in the presence of special terms and phrases, as well as in the presence of lexical structures and abbreviations. High-quality and professional technical translation from Polish / into Polish, should take into account all the peculiarities of the original.

Technical texts are written in a specific style, saturated with narrow-profile terminology, abbreviations, characterized by the absence of emotional coloring, the presence of a clear structure and consistency of presentation.

The specificity of technical translation from Polish invariably raises discussions about who exactly should translate such a text: a linguist or a specialist in a specific technical field. In 4M Legal Translation Dubai, specialists will translate technical documents of any type – drawings, instructions, regulatory documents, etc.

Polish is one of the languages of the Slavic language branch and is related to Russian. However, proximity does not mean comprehensibility – fluent Polish speech is sometimes difficult not only to understand, but even to correctly divide into words. Polish phonetics makes many common Slavic words unrecognizable.