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Many years of experience allows our 4M Legal Translation Dubai to provide translation services from Serbian into Russian at a minimum price with maximum quality. We provide certified legal translation services of Serbian to English or English to Serbian language in Dubai with lowest price. The text of a high-quality written translation from Serbian should be presented competently and beautifully, respecting the stylistic features of the original.

A good written translation from Serbian – verified, accurate and consistent with the style of the original. Our 4M Legal Translation Dubai has Serbian translators with solid experience in various translation fields – technical, medical and legal. Last but not the least we also provide services for Serbian Embassy Abu Dhabi UAE. For more details please read the text below.

Serbian Embassy Abu Dhabi UAE Services

Serbia is a landlocked country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, covering the central part of the Balkans. Serbia has a mixed economic system in which the presence of the state in the economy is considerable, but there is limited private sector freedom. … read more

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Technical translation from Serbian

High-quality and professional technical translation from Serbian / into Serbian, should take into account all the features of the original. When working with technical documentation, the complexity is invariably caused by the numerous terms and abbreviations that have not yet passed the appropriate codification and have not been recorded even by the most authoritative dictionaries.

Technical translator from Serbian

In addition to an excellent command of the language, a technical translator from Serbian must be familiar with the terminological set of the industry in which the translation is carried out, know the technique, be able to use reference resources, and be able to find information on the topic of translation on the Internet.

Translate Document From Serbian To English or English To Serbian

Diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Serbia have a long history. Our countries actively cooperate in the fields of culture, art and education. Various official papers are subject to notarized translation from Serbian for their legalization in another country. If a person travels abroad for study, work or treatment, then he will need documents valid in the territory of the country to which he is traveling. The list of personal documents of individuals is very wide. The most popular of them is notarized translation of a passport and diploma. This includes a wide variety of certificates, documents on education and employment, documents from banks, contracts.

Serbian is the language of the South Slavic subgroup, and has official status in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The official basis of the Serbian language is the Cyrillic alphabet, which makes it similar to the languages of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, but in everyday life Serbs often use the Latin alphabet.

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