English To Slovenian Or Slovenian To English Language Translation & Interpretation Services In Dubai


The specialists of the 4M Legal Translation Dubai will perform all types of translations from English to Slovenian or Slovenian to English Language translation. We offer high-quality translation from Slovenian of all types of technical documentation: projects, drawings, descriptions, specifications, certificates, instructions, requirements, and patents in various areas of the national economy. Click here to get Google Location of Slovenian Embassy in UAE.

Literary translation from Slovenian aims to transfer the thought expressed in the original work into the Russian literary language. At the same time, a translator from Slovenian is given complex tasks: translation as such, preservation of the author’s style of the original and adaptation of the text to the needs and requests of the local reader.

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Translation of documents from Slovenian

Translation of documents from Slovenian is in great demand on the translation services market. Documentation requirements in different countries can vary significantly, so you need to find really first-class specialists. Translation of documents from Slovenian in the 4M Legal Translation Dubai will be done efficiently and on time.

Website translation from Slovenian

Translation of a website from Slovenian is a great opportunity for a company to declare itself and reach a new level. Online representation in the network is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to present a product or service internationally, in another language.

Various official papers are subject to notarized translation from Slovenian for their legalization in another country. If a person travels abroad for study, work or treatment, then he will need documents valid in the territory of the country to which he is traveling. The list of personal documents of individuals is very wide. The most popular of them is notarized translation of a passport and diploma. This includes a wide variety of certificates, documents on education and employment, documents from banks, contracts.

Interpretation from Slovenian

Slovenian enterprises often organize exhibitions and presentations of their products, services, goods in Moscow. Therefore, the service of interpretation from Slovenian into Russian is in great demand during various events, business negotiations and presentations. In our company, you can use the service of professional interpretation from Slovenian.

The Slovenian language belongs to the Slavic languages and resembles Serbian or Croatian, but it also has a number of its own characteristics. The number of Slovenian speakers reaches 2 million. Slovenian is spoken in Slovenia, one of the republics of the former Yugoslavia, but also in the southern regions of Austria and Italy.

Slovenian Embassy In UAE Contact Details

Phone: +97126727062

Website: http://www.abudhabi.embassy.si/

Address: Capital Plaza – 3rd St – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates (Click to Find On Google Map)

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