Difference Between Interpreter and Interpretation


Whenever two or more people encounter communication problems due to a language difference, they need the services of an interpreter. There are like hundreds of languages in this world (click here to see the list), any person can’t learn every language for that reason we need interpreter in between our one to one conversation. Thus, interpreting refers to the translation of spoken communication. The interpreter offers the participants the possibility of exchanging ideas and information in real-time. The speaker should be confident that everything he/she says will be conveyed correctly into the target language that other participants will understand.

As U.A.E specially Dubai is multi national urban city, where on daily basis multi language speakers need to meet, which is bringing vast demand of interpretation. That is why we had started giving professional services of interpreter in Dubai.

Interpreter you can rely on

4M Legal Translations Dubai offers top-quality interpreting services. We have a database of carefully selected, highly-qualified and experienced multilingual interpreters who are fluent in both the source and target languages. We are also able to match their expertise and knowledge to your particular needs.

Multi-purpose interpreter or interpretation services in Dubai

we provide interpreting services for various scenarios: court interpreting, interpreting for the immigration service and police, business meeting interpreting services, interpreting at conferences and exhibitions as well as many other types of on-the-spot interpreting.

Types of interpreting services

We do provide two types of face-to-face interpreting services

  • Consecutive Interpreter
  • Simultaneous Interpreter

You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Consecutive Interpreter Dubai

Consecutive interpreting is used for small-group discussions in which the interpreter offers an accurate translation of what a speaker has said immediately after he/she has finished speaking. A consecutive interpreter waits until the end of the speaker’s sentence before offering their interpretation. It is convenient for personal or small, informal, group interpreting and requires no special equipment. This type of interpreting is a relatively slow process, since all speech is repeated consecutively.


2. Simultaneous Interpreter Dubai

Simultaneous interpreting is the favored technique for all diplomatic forums, formal meetings and multinational conferences; it requires special equipment and the highest level of interpreting skill. The interpreter reproduces the original speech almost immediately. Simultaneous interpreting requires specialists working in teams of at least two, isolated in sound-proofed booths using a microphone to speak to the delegates who listen through headsets.


We can provide the interpreter you need

4M Legal Translations Dubai offers interpreting services in most common languages. We have over 600 professional linguists registered on our system, so we can certainly match an interpreter to your particular needs.

1. Conference interpretation services

Our conference interpreting services have been used by businesses and governments at a wide range of events such as conferences, conventions, annual meetings, training sessions, sales meetings, board and committee meetings, and press conferences.

2. Escort interpretation services

Our interpreters are able to accompany our clients to different meetings, interviews, press conferences, dinners and all kinds of official and unofficial forums where informal and immediate interpreting services might be required.

3. Court interpretation services (Dubai Courts)

Our company can provide simultaneous and consecutive courtroom and boardroom interpreters. Our court interpreters are selected not only for their bilingual skills, but also for their knowledge of the appropriate legal regulations and protocol.