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Top Rated Legal Translation in Dubai

4M Legal Translation Dubai is a leading localization, translation, and interpretation service provider. The company was established to fulfill small, medium, and large-size organizations and individuals about globalization. We aim to provide fast and quality service to all our clients worldwide because our experience in many fields makes us the most qualified to translate any required document in any area.

For example

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Construction
  • Health Sector
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Finance
  • Mechanical & Chemical Engineering
  • Information Technology

As the leading translation company in Dubai, 4M Translation has established a reputation for excellence and efficiency in providing accurate and timely translations in over 150 languages. With a team of experienced and certified translators, advanced technology, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the top choice for all your translation needs in Dubai.

In our easily understandable accounting system, the client can monitor the document’s progress through an account, and it’s easier to pay through the provided online payment gateway. We understand what the client needs, which makes the task easier and more deliverable for us. We have a team of expert and reliable translators in Dubai.

We train our team to be problem solvers within this experience, taking the required issue and turning it into a solution package. Proper training helps our team to choose the best suitable package for our valuable client.

Get any type of Translation in any Language in just 6 easy steps

Certified Legal Translation Office In Dubai, U.A.E ?

Best offered services in website translations, technical translations, medical translations, and legal translations. We provide excellent translation and interpretation services at matchless competitive prices with a free quote. 4M Legal Translation Dubai, a professional translation agency in Dubai, offers top-quality certified translation services in Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and many more.

Our certified translators ensure accurate translations for legal, immigration, and regulatory needs. We specialize in various documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic records, and business contracts. Trust us for translations accepted by governmental and educational institutions in Dubai and beyond.

Featured Services As Translation Company In Dubai


Legal Translation

Are you Looking for expert Legal Translation Dubai services? We provide the best translation services at a reasonable cost. Our agency is comprised of professionals who are ready to serve you at the convenience you desire. Feel free to get a quote and ask any query in your mind.

doctor prescription

Documents Attestation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs accredits us, and our agency, 4M Legal Translation Dubai, provides reliable Documents Attestation Services In Dubai that are up to the mark. If you need to get your essential documents attested in Dubai, you don’t need to go far away but move towards us.

driving license

Driving License Translation

Get foreign Driving License Translation in Dubai, UAE by our leading professionals. Bring your driving license in any language and get it converted into a Dubai driving license. You need a driving license to drive in Dubai, and we provide you best translation services at a very reasonable cost.

word translation

Arabic Translation Services

Arabic is the official language of Dubai. You need to get English to Arabic Translation in Dubai for your legal documents and certifications in Dubai. We provide the best translation services of the English language into the Arabic language. Get your certificates translated into Arabic by our translation experts.

Medical Documents on Cardboard

Medical Content Translation

4M Legal Translation Dubai is a leading Medical Translation service provider in JLT Dubai. We offer all medical translation services, like medical documents and certificates, at the best price.


Interpretation Services

We provide the best Interpretation Services in Dubai and let companies boost their business through effective communication. We offer professional and best interpretation services for all languages. Get the best interpretation services accurately from our experts at a reasonable price.

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A Complete Language Translation Agency

We are a highly professional translation & localization agency with a difference. We are the only complete translation company in Dubai offering a comprehensive, integrated approach to language services and localization solutions. You can ask us for translation, foreign language copywriting, website translation, localization, interpreters, business skills training, and much more.

Customers range from Dubai-based businesses, law firms, advertising agencies, and small, medium, and global blue-chip businesses. As a leading translation agency in Dubai, we are trusted across business sectors for our highly professional service and multilingual expertise. Our team is highly skilled and qualified for any translation and interpretation services.

Our Expertise in Language Translation

Being a certified translation agency, 4M Legal Translation Dubai daily provides language translation services to clients worldwide. Not only in the major world languages but also in many challenging combinations! Please see the list of languages below in which we are experts;

  • Albanian Translation Services
  • Bosnian Translation Services
  • Czech Translation Services
  • Danish Translation Services
  • Dutch Translation Services
  • Finnish Translation Services
  • French Translation Services
  • German Translation Services
  • Greek Translation Services
  • Italian Translation Services
  • Latvian Translation Services
  • Portuguese Translation Services
  • Romanian Translation Services
  • Serbian Translation Services
  • Slovakian Translation Services
  • Spanish Translation Services
  • Azeri Translation Services
  • Chinese Translation Services
  • Dari Translation Services
  • Farsi Translation Services
  • Hindi Translation Services
  • Hebrew Translation Services
  • Japanese Translation Services
  • Korean Translation Services
  • Russian Translation Services
  • Turkish Translation Services
  • Tagalog Translation Services
  • Urdu Translation Services
  • Uzbek Translation Services
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Our Valued Clients

Why Choose Us ?

Choosing a professional translation company in Dubai is always a difficult task. Let us help you!

There are 5 primary qualities you need to consider first:

  1. Company Reputation
  2. Team Commitment
  3. Quality Control
  4. Delivery & Payment Methods
  5. High-quality translator availability

4M Legal Translation Dubai quickly responds to the client’s needs. We are delivering the right services and solutions. 100% native translators can provide your message with the high quality you need, and want you are not left out of your message.

Whether you require the translation of legal contracts, medical reports, or technical guidelines, our tailored solutions are designed to facilitate clear and effective communication for all your international needs.

What our Clients say about us

For one of our public fair for motor sports, i needed some documents to be translated in order to receive NOC from RTA (Dubai) I contacted 4M Legal Translations, I found them professionals and committed.

Ahmed Al Thani

I moved from Europe to Dubai for business. I needed my driving license to be translated to Arabic, after searching on google i found 4M Legal Translations as best translation company in Dubai.

Kharis Atkins

4M Legal Translation Dubai has provided legal translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for over ten years. A consistently timely, accurate, and client-centric service has resulted in us working with Dubai law firms, in-house legal departments, and various other companies.

What makes us different?

We approach our legal translation with the utmost care and attention. From analyzing a document to assigning a translator to edit upon completion and returning it to our client, our process is governed by robust systems and protocols.

Working alongside demanding law firms (Dubai courts), we have adapted the process, timescales, and output to match our client’s expectations.

Legalizing and certifying documents can be a tricky business. As a leading provider of Dubai legal translations, we provide two types of certified translations for your needs.

4M Legal Translation Dubai prides to express its willingness to work with small, medium, and large enterprises within the territory of the Middle East and all across the globe. We can translate from simple documents to highly complex content with our highly qualified translators, interpreters, proofreaders, and researchers. Whether you have 50 or 50,000 words, we guarantee to fulfill your requirements in all circumstances. You may send your translation requirements through email, and we will reply to your queries within the earliest possible time.

The company appoints a project manager to contact the client, who will ensure to render our client complete information regarding the rates, timeline, and all other necessary procedures.

More interestingly, we want to show more flexibility in our services by answering all your questions regarding the quality of our translation, on-time completion of your project, and free delivery at your doorstep. We may be asked to do a sample test of your chosen content if you want to be sure of our quality services. Thenceforth, for sure you will choose us for your future projects.

Suppose you have a large volume project and do not want to risk assigning that project to the wrong hands. In that case, you can choose 4M Legal Translation Dubai to perform the sample translation of 200 words for your final satisfaction to go ahead with our services.

Proofreading and reviewing ensure accuracy, consistency, appropriate formatting, and overall quality of the final product, exactly what you need to meet your international audience’s expectations. Our linguists are specially trained to review the presentation of a text in its final layout. Our team corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage mistakes. Translations are also compared against the original for missing text and inconsistencies in design and font. With our top-quality proofreading/editing services, you can rest assured that the target document is error-free and is thoroughly checked for uniformity.

We are available to review, edit and proofread previously translated materials.

Our linguists review documents and provide our clients with an overall opinion regarding their quality, suitability, and the possible need for revision without making changes directly to the text. The editing process involves reviewing and modifying a translation to improve the overall reader, focusing primarily on correcting translation errors and improving accuracy and style.

Our localization engineers are here to help you choose the right tools for your localization process to reach international audiences. Reach your consumers in a language they understand. We offer a complete portfolio of localization services tailored to your technical needs, including Localization Engineering, Website Localization, and Software Localization. Your software localization projects will be completed in-house, ensuring high service flexibility and improving your product’s multi-language usability. Our team comprises talented and highly experienced localization engineers ready to take on any complex project that comes through their door.

We have successfully developed a team of highly professional graphic designers to tackle all typesetting/formatting / lay-outing / artwork services, from the most straightforward file format to the most complex file format. You must not hire or assign your English file format to be handled by a Non-Arab speaker since he is unaware of the Arabic language. So, deploying them to conduct typesetting/formatting/ lay-outing / artwork services would produce the most unreliable results in their non-native language.

Typesetting is not only to replace an English text with Arabic text but also to take great care of the direction, alignment, margins, font style, font size, and adjustment and justification of paragraphs at suitable locations within the borders of the page.

The typesetting / Graphic designer is responsible for making the most précised color choice per the source file format and choosing the exact color used in the source file format. In simple, the target file format should be 100% identical to the source file format in terms of style, fonts, and presentation to be directly used for printing purposes. Therefore, typesetting is a process in which a text is moved to the correct location, taking professional care of the style and size of the text and using the right font simultaneously.

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