Slovak Translation Services

4M Legal Translation Dubai staff will translate technical, legal, economic, medical and business documents from Slovak. For organizations – site owners, we offer a service for the translation of websites from Slovak, as well as high-quality translation of catalogs, product and marketing documentation from Slovak into Russian and into Slovak. Urgent translation from Slovak is performed by a team of translators within a limited time. After that, the urgent translation from Slovak is proofread by the editor and brought to its original form by the layout designer. The cost of urgent translation from Slovak is calculated based on the volume of translation, terms and subject of translation.

Legal translation from Slovak

We guarantee the quality of legal translation from Slovak, as we have specialists with relevant experience in the legal field. Legal translation not from Slovak does not tolerate approximations or discrepancies. It is well known that the style of regulatory documents is always precise, clear, concise, which it should remain, after being translated.

Translation of legal documents

Legal translation of documents from Slovak is a very popular service, since international business cooperation is growing stronger and developing, people travel abroad and open branches of enterprises outside the country. Legal translation from Slovak is rightly considered one of the specific branches. A translator from Slovak must be highly qualified, understand not only linguistic peculiarities, but also legal intricacies.

Medical translation from Slovak

Medical translation from Slovak does not tolerate mistakes, since such a field as medicine affects human health and life. The translation of medical topics from Slovak, in our 4M Legal Translation Dubai, is performed by specialists who have not only linguistic, but also medical education.

The Slovak language belongs to the West Slavic group of languages; the total number of speakers of Slovak is 5 million people. It is the official language of the Slovak Republic and one of the twenty-four official languages of the European Union.