Swedish Translation Services

4M Legal Translation Dubai provides translation services from the Swedish language of documents and texts of varying complexity and volume. The works can be performed by both Russian-speaking specialists and native speakers of Swedish. The specialists of the Bureau are ready to translate from Swedish with high quality and in the shortest possible time, regardless of the volume and complexity. 4M Legal Translation Dubai is always ready to provide a full range of services that may be needed in everyday life, work and leisure.

Notarized translation into Swedish

Swedish is the official language of business and document management. For official recognition of any Russian document on the territory of Sweden, it must be translated from Russian into Swedish, certified by a notary and legalized properly. A notarized translation into Swedish in Moscow can be arranged in our Bureau.

Swedish translators

Our 4M Legal Translation Dubai includes specialists with linguistic education, graduates of Russian language universities and native speakers of the Swedish language. We are constantly selecting translators for Swedish. The selection of a Swedish translator for a particular job is based on qualifications and reputation.

Our specialists will translate various contractual, credit, financial and constituent documents from Swedish in Moscow. Documents for submission to the official bodies of Sweden will be drawn up in compliance with all international rules for paperwork. All translations from Swedish in the field of tax law, customs, insurance, as well as other types of legislation are performed only by translators with legal education.

Swedish language, together with Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic, belongs to the Scandinavian group. Swedish is spoken by about nine million people, of which almost all live in Sweden. Also, several hundred thousand people speak Swedish in Finland and the Baltic islands. In addition, Swedish is a second language for many Finns. Swedish is recognized by the state in Sweden and the second state in Finland. It is the most common of the Scandinavian group