Hebrew Translation Services

Translation from Hebrew into Arabic is in great demand – Israel’s economy is developing dynamically, and United Arab Emirates has broad political and business ties. Medical institutions in Israel are popular, and they also go to the country on vacation, which is why medical translation into Hebrew and translation of medical documentation from Hebrew into Arabic are in demand.

Hebrew is already spoken by more than 8 million people, of which 6 million are native. The modern language is quite different from the Hebrew language, like most modern languages, differ from their ancient prototypes.

Hebrew has a number of characteristics that are difficult for Europeans. Complicated reading rules, consonant writing and the presence of dialects are factors that make translation from Hebrew into Russian and from Russian into Hebrew a difficult task that only a professional translator can competently cope with. Hebrew is a complex language with many word forms and specific expressions that, in fact, reflect the mentality of the people. Taking into account the peculiarities of translation in a pair of languages Russian-Hebrew.

Documents for translation from Hebrew

4M Legal Translation Dubai provides high-quality translation from Hebrew in the following areas:

• Scientific documentation with preservation of terminological features;

• Business correspondence in Hebrew;

• Urgent translation of texts from Hebrew;

• Medical certificates and opinions for treatment in specialized hospitals;

• Legal texts, taking into account the style of presentation;

• Technical documentation and drawings in Hebrew;

• Documents for obtaining a migration card.

Translation of a passport into Hebrew

Translation of a passport into Hebrew is necessary for those who decide to visit the state of Israel on a business trip or spend their vacation there. One of the characteristic features of Israeli law enforcement officials is meticulousness.

The specialists of 4M Legal Translation Dubai offer translation from Hebrew of documents and texts of various sizes and subjects. Israel’s official language is one of the most difficult. With the increased activity of interaction between citizens of Russia and Israel, the need for translations in the Russian-Hebrew language pair arises frequently.