Japanese translator at the 4M Legal Translation Dubai

Our 4M Legal Translation Dubai has extensive experience in translating various documents and texts from Japanese into Russian. The 4M Legal Translation Dubai employees carry out written translations of documents and texts of technical, medical and legal fields. If necessary, we carry out notarization and apostille of documents.

Technical translation from Arabic into Japanese

Japan, occupying the third place in terms of trade turnover, is one of the most important trade partners of Russia in the Asian region. Therefore, there is a high demand for technical translation from Japanese into Russian and from Russian into Japanese. Our 4M Legal Translation Dubai Agency provides a service of technical translation from Japanese / into Japanese .

We provide technical translation of the following documents:

• installation and operating instructions;

• technical descriptions and catalogs of equipment;

• design documentation, drawings and specifications;

• scientific and technical literature.

Cost of Japanese translation

The cost of translation from Japanese is indicated in the price list for one conventional page, which is approximately 350 characters for translation into Japanese, or 1800 characters for translation into Russian. When translating from Japanese, it can be difficult to determine the length of the text. Hieroglyphs can mean both individual syllables and whole words.

If the text for translation is voluminous, we will be able to determine the cost of work after the translation is completed, based on the translated text. Before starting work, we can provide only approximate cost estimates.

Japanese is the 9th most widely spoken language in the world, and the number of fluent Japanese speakers is about 140 million. The Japanese language officially uses horizontal writing from left to right, adopted in 1959.

The Japanese language is used partly in the territories once occupied by Japan: Korea, Taiwan and part of China. In the languages of these countries, Japanese borrowings are preserved, and the older generation of the population of these countries retained knowledge of the Japanese language.

Writing consists of three main parts – kanji, and two syllabic alphabets: katakana and hiragana. Each of these types of writing has found its traditional place in modern Japanese writing.

Japanese translators

When translating a text into Japanese, we entrust the work to translators of native speakers , which ensures the translation of the text as accurately and stylistically as possible. And vice versa, translation into Russian in our 4M Legal Translation Dubai is performed by translators for whom the native language is Russian, while perfectly knowing not only Japanese, but also the subject of translation.